The selection of a mate is a topic of great controversy.

Selecting Your Mate

by V. A. Sutton

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V. A. Sutton spent thirty years helping young singles plan weddings and special events; Selecting Your Mate seeks to share the wisdom accumulated from this career regarding choosing the right partner. Sutton lives in upstate New York.

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My Latest Book, Selecting Your Mate

The selection of a mate is a topic of great controversy. This is an important task that will determine the path of the rest of your life. There must be a process that will help you determine how to make an appropriate choice for a spouse when considering a matrimonial commitment. Many relationships are failing as people attempt to secure love and happiness for themselves with the wrong person. Although the "second time around" marriages continue to be on the rise, the key to selection still remains a mystery. As men and women continually grasp for a lifetime of affection, there is a need for emotional assurance that cannot be broken. The manner in which that joy is obtained will elevate your consciousness, promote confidence, and create the happiness you desire. What makes a matrimonial decision successful? Selecting Your Mate discusses the wisdom you already know, but fail to realize...