About the Author

My educational journey began with a major in Social Work and a minor in Business at Nazareth College. After being injured in an automobile accident I chose to continue my studies at Capella University.  The focus of my studies has been Business Management with a concentration on project Management. 

Having been raised in an environment where six of my seven siblings were male was an interesting experience that helped shape my understanding of how relationships are viewed by different genders and continues as a generational rite of passage.  The impact of our social development does determine how we behave socially and even interact in a marital relationship.

We continue to pass on our mindset knowingly or not to children and grandchildren. This became quite clear to me after experiencing the joy of marriage and the pain of divorce.  Looking back only helps you to move forward once you realize your mistakes were based upon the wrong belief about a mistaken identity.

Selection is a process that should not be taken for granted.  Functioning independently as a wedding planner and special events designer for over thirty years offers a lot of actual experience not taught in any textbook.  I worked closely with couples and parents through the stressful difficulties of planning their unique matrimonial ceremonies.  

Continuously adjusting to so many different family dynamics, was quite a learning experience to encounter. I have learned the importance of this special word “selection” because it is our right to personal success or failure.  Some believe it is the survival of the fittest because it takes place naturally; but we control the end result with undeniable wisdom.  

V.A. Sutton is a Christian self published Author, parent and grandparent. The interest in writing began at an early age when working on a small community newspaper. After attending college the desire to write clearly became a more pronounced way to speak wisdom to the hearts of those who will listen.